Damian Mee

I am a Developer, Software Architect, and Speaker. Seasoned in web, mobile, start-ups, and Bitcoin. Now I help architect & build systems that bring it all together.

I am a mobile developer building native apps for Android and servers in Node.js and Go; currently freelancing from Taiwan.

I am a minimalist, perfectionist, but realist. Always reliable internet tests diagnosed me as INTJ-A and after solving enough logic charades I was invited to join Mensa. I am passionate about Futurism and all the technologies it will bring along. Being fascinated by the potential of Artificial Super Intelligence, I am curiously looking forward to witnessing the outcomes of A.I. and machine learning marriage. I am very drawn to decentralized technologies like Blockchain or Mesh Networks and I am currently diving deeper into R, Go and Machine Learning to teach my pet computer (and internetted thingies) to play fetch.

In the meaning of mobile apps,
as well as working remotely.
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Internet of Things

Frequent guests at my stack party:

Android Studio, AngularJS, Angular Material¹, Atom¹, Bitcoin Core, Go, CloudFlare¹, ES6¹, Coffee Script, Iced Coffee Script, Docker, Facebook API/SDKs, Firebase, GenyMotion, Git¹, Github¹, Gist¹, Github Pages¹, Google APIs, Google App Engine, Google Chrome, Gradle, Grunt, Gulp, Heroku¹, Jade, Android Java, JavaScript, Material Design¹, Material Design Lite¹, Meteor, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node.js, npm, OSX, Heroku¹, Polymer, Postgres/PSQL¹, Socket.IO, Travis CI, Ubuntu, yeoman, Goose.

¹ - Hidden behind pixels on this very website.